Now, the introduction to “There Is No Love” swept me literally off my feet, my heart melted and chills ran down the length of my spine. No mean feat. I’m talking about the second track on Charlie Lim‘s amazing debut eponymous EP that was released sometime last year. Better late than never eh?

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Charlie Lim has been gaining admirers at a healthy pace with his sophisticated soul-pop-rock. To these ears, there is such a wide range of compelling musical influences at play in Charlie Lim‘s repertoire that it can get dizzying at times. It’s hard not to appreciate the love and thought put into these intricate songs.

Off the top of my hat, I hear Sting, Paul Weller, Maxwell, Jeff Buckley without too much difficulty. Give me a couple more plays of this EP and I am sure I can come up with more. There’s no denying the sheer talent on display here not to mention the hard work behind the arrangements, individual performances and production.

The opening sample of a needle hitting vinyl is instructional and telegraphs exactly what Charlie Lim‘s intentions are. The phrase ‘old-school’ is used too often with derogatory connotations. In Charlie Lim‘s case, I prefer the term ‘timeless’ – as he plunders the rich treasure trove of the great soul-inflected pop-rock of the 70s and 80s (pre-compact disc era) with much aplomb.

In only 4 songs, Charlie Lim adequately demonstrates that he is a force to be reckoned and the funky jazzed up beats of “Pedestal”, the gorgeous heart-stirring “There is No Love, the smooth, silky sounds of “What Can I Do” and the warm, folky vibe of “Rust” are clear signs of a mature songwriter at work.

All I say is I want MORE…

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