The MTV Movie Awards tries its best always to be the most entertaining awards presentation program out there in TV land. The highlight for me has been the spoofs/parodies concocted of notable films of the year. The awards show is a little more tongue in cheek and fun than most shows so it’s often good for a laugh. How else do you account for awards like Best Kiss and Best Fight, eh? Although the award of Most Kickass Asian Sidekick is terribly racist, don’t you think? Personally, I’d give it to Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch) but that’d make me sexist as well…

Well, the 2011 edition will be telecast live from LA on the night of Sunday, 5th June. Singaporean viewers will get to catch the show live from 9am on MTV channel. And… I will be tweeting live commentary of the show from the Starhub Convergence Room, courtesy of MTVAsia. So even if you cannot watch the show live, you can get the wackiest comments from the fevered imagination of yours truly. @powerofpop of course!

See you online…


I have been championing Fringe quite a bit for its daring exploration of alternate realities within the scifi TV drama. But this season 3 finale left me cold. At the end of the last episode, Peter Bishop finally got into the Doomsday Machine and re-appeared 15 years into the future. Was this another alternate realty or did Peter’s consciousness move forward in time? Disappointingly it turns out to be the latter.

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At the end of Season 3, our (anti)-hero Hank Moody (David Duchovny) had confessed to the love of his life Karen (Natasha McElhone) that he had sex with then-underaged Mia (Madeline Zima), way back in the series pilot episode. Obviously Karen freaked out, Hank is arrested for previously assaulting Mia’s scumbag boyfriend/manager and subsequently punching out a police officer.



Episode 10 – Firefly

Well, Fringe is back… hooray! Unfortunately, Firefly turned out to be one of the most cryptic episodes yet… and that’s really saying something. Instead of always hiding in the background of events, the Observer called September inserted himself into human affairs in order to test Walter Bishop. Apparently, the point of September’s intervention – and it involved a rather prolonged convoluted thread of unrelated circumstances – was to see whether, if push came to shove, Walter could sacrifice Peter’s life for (presumably) the greater good.

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Episode 6: TS-19

It’s been more than a week since the finale of the Walking Dead aired but I am still pissed off with the really weak ending to what has been a very strong series. What was the point of the survivors going into the CDC building, enjoying certain home comforts and then fighting tooth and claw to get back into the world of “walkers” again?

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Episode 9 – Marionette

And so the status quo has been restored. But has it really? Olivia is burdened by the promise she made to the alt-Broyles (now deceased of course) and the relationship between her and Peter has changed. This over-arching plot line serves as the only connection to what has gone on in the last 8 episodes even as the Fringe team investigate another mysterious death.

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Episode 11 – Hop A Freighter

At the beginning of season five, after the death of his wife Rita, Dexter attempted to runaway from his life in Miami and start afresh. In the middle of this season, Dexter bought Lumen a return ticket home and tried to get Lumen to leave Miami and to start her life anew. Neither Dexter nor Lumen ultimately left Miami of course but in this penultimate show of the season, the new couple contemplate getting out of Miami together. The idea appeals to them both greatly.

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BEST OF 2010

Yes, it’s probably strange that I am making Cheating Sons‘ magnificent debut LP – Masters, Wives, Daughter – the album of 2010, when you consider that it will only be released in 2011! But hey, it’s the best collection of new music that I have heard in 2010 so it’s perfectly logical. Reviews to come and all that, expect great things from this amazing band in 2011.

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Episode 5: Wildfire

Well, season 1 of The Walking Dead is all but over, with the finale to come. This particular episode I found to be extremely depressing as the aftermath of the zombie attack sinks in on the survivors. Amy is dead and Andrea mourned her, holding her throughout the night. As it turns out, Andrea was waiting for Amy to re-animate before saying goodbye and then blowing her brains out. Yikes!

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