Since the late 80s, there have been numerous pronouncements of the death of rock ’n’ roll. Each time, the prophets of doom have been proven wrong – the 1990s with the rise of Nirvana and the 2000s with the Strokes and the post-punk revival. But I sincerely fear that 2016 might be the year that time is called on the former institution known as rock ’n’ roll.

Perhaps it is the death of David Bowie that has depressed me to such an extent that this doomsday scenario now becomes a reality. But just look at the Billboard Top 20 singles and you will realise that rock ’n’ roll is completely absent. I have also been analysing the acts on Laneway Singapore 2016 and bar the rare exception (like Cashew Chemists), again there are no bands playing rock ’n’ roll!

This realisation has also aided in my decision to quit as a solo performer, whether live or in the studio – and focus on other aspects in my life. My main pre-occupation in music will be as a journalist and hopefully, as a curator and mentor. That is the only way I can see myself making a contribution. My music as a solo artist has no fucking significance whatsoever. Time to move on then.

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Every year is an opportunity to learn more, to do more good work and to help more people. Personally, every year also provides circumstances designed to mould me into the person that I should be & to deny the impulses that years of genetic and social conditioning have brought about.

In that respect, 2015 was a very good year. No, I am not quite a success yet – not in the eyes of the world anyways but I am content that I managed to connect with the ‘right’ people & forged meaningful relationships.

The only constant is change and I am thankful for the learned ability to adapt to the twists and turns that life will inevitably throw my way. What is crucial are the thoughts and behaviour that I am able to muster.

I have come to terms with who I am and my place in the world and the freedom that affords is priceless. I see 2016 as a unique challenge to push myself further outside of my comfort zone, overcoming my fears, acknowledging my flaws and being the best person I can be, for the benefit of others.

Happy new year, everyone!

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We urge the Organisers of Countdown 2016 to recognize and respect the values of the majority of Singapore that has voiced its desire to preserve our nation’s moral fibre.

The above is from a petition to stop American singer Adam Lambert from performing at Countdown 2016. Amongst the objections, are the fact that Lambert is gay and his shows are sexually charged.

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Sorry but I am not in a good mood. A few days ago I tried to get feedback about whether people saw me as a singer-songwriter or music journalist first. It was clear that most of the responses were very much based on the age of the responder. The older the person, the more they thought of me as a singer-songwriter first. That’s the problem. In the last year or so, the folks in charge of the media and venues are generally younger – maybe 18 to 35 – and in their book, I am a music journalist full stop. Thus, in the entire year, I have not been invited to perform ANYWHERE! The only shows I have done I have had to organise myself – the Present Sense launches. Is my creative life over at 55? Do these people think of me as an irrelevance? Sad to think that this is true. Fact is the only time folks contact me is to get me to publicise something they are doing – so yeah, I guess that’s the way folks look at me – as a writer, a journalist. Not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but I’d like to think that my life as a singer-songwriter is not over! Is it???


BigO 95

BigO (Before I Get Old) was a self-styled indie magazine that existed in print form from about 1985 to 2003 (give or take). Founded by Michael and Philip Cheah (with Stephen Tan) from the ashes of the Singapore Monitor, the magazine would be a major pop culture force in Singapore in the 1990s. Though it still exists online, its influence in local culture has been deliberately curtailed for reasons unknown.