I am contented to say that I am a composer.

This year I have been fortunate to have my music featured in two projects. One in film, Ramen Teh and the other in TV, HBO Asia’s Folklore series.

I have no qualms in saying that I have retired from being a singer-songwriter and performer, and there is little motivation to come back to that thankless task.

Instead, I will focus on being a composer.

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Some of you folks may be aware that I suffer from anxiety disorder. It’s not something that is too obvious if you know me casually but that’s becuase it’s very easy to hide.

In my thirties, it was pretty bad – married with children and being the sole breadwinner was not helpful to my mental well-being. But since I turned 40, I have become more self-aware about my condition and learning slowly but surely to deal with who I am.

So here I am, knowing the importance of the here and now. Present sense. In the past decade, I have gone to hell and back but with such valuable lessons.

Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow might never come. All I have is today. Live in the moment, my friends.

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I believe in rock ‘n’ roll.

That’s probably a corny sentiment to share but music is all I have in life now. Living the virtually solitary existence can be a mental challenge but eased immensely by the power of my favourite music.

To me, the terms “rock ‘n’ roll” or “pop” are meaningless especially when applied in a cold technical manner.

It has to be about how the music makes me think and feel. And that’s what the best rock or pop music does, in my humble opinion.

It’s all about the art, the craft, the emotion invested by music creators to express a real idea or feeling to the listener – making a genuine connection.

That’s what it has to be all about.


From BigO circa 1993, lyrics from Gum, illustrations by Eric Khoo.
From BigO circa 1993, lyrics from Gum, illustrations by Eric Khoo.

Organised jointly by cartoonist Sonny Liew and writer-historian CT Lim in conjunction with the National Library, Speech Bubble is a exhibition showcase of the marginalised art form popularly known as comic books. The opening night event was held last night at the National Library, Basement 1 Central Public Library and I was fortunate to get invited!



There is always a lot to be thankful for. I have learned never to pre-judge a situation – and boy do I have a problem with that – but instead, I have trained myself to cultivate positive thoughts about that particular situation. It’s never easy but usually I find that things do work out in the end, one way or another.

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