Sometimes I wonder if we do rock & pop music a disservice by defining albums according to a fixed period. In this respect, by the year of release. As usual, there are a few albums/EPs that I’ve overlooked for one reason or another in 2010. So let’s get through some of them right now, shall we?

MARK NEWMAN Walls of Jericho (Danal Music) Music is simple and straightforward as far as singer-songwriter Mark Newman is concerned. Unambiguously influenced by 60s and 70s pop-rock, the robustly crafted songs on this album recalls the likes of Van Morrison, Donald Fagan, Boz Scaggs, Steve Miller & Lindsay Buckingham. Good news for fans of that special musical epoch. Official Site

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CHERYL COLE Messy Little Raindrops (Fascination) Despite her divorce from footballer Ashley Cole, UK pop singer Cheryl Cole has not changed her stage name to reflect her new single status. Not it makes any difference to the music, which tends to consist of banal electro-dance-pop. That said, the times where Cole performs basic pop songs, her voice comes through well. For example, on the eminently listenable Flood and Raindrops. Stick to the singles, where possible. Official Site

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AMY MACDONALD A Curious Thing – Special Orchestral Edition (Melodramatic) Welcome to the new major label tactic. If the original album sold in sufficient enough quantities, the label will re-release and re-package the album with bonus features which it hopes loyal fans will buy again. In this case, MacDonald’s A Curious Thing was released first in March 2010 and it’s sales figures must have impressed the label enough to come up with this “Special Orchestral Edition” which contains a bonus disc – “Live Philharmonic Orchestral Versions”. Seriously? Only for rabid fans. Official Site

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