Feb 032013

2 Bloc straight cream

Power of Pop is truly looking forward to the Bloc Party concert at the Fort Gate, Fort Canning Park on Monday, 18th March and came up with the five reasons (below) why you just cannot miss this momentous gig. You’re ready?

1. Bloc Party (together with perhaps, The Arctic Monkeys) is the last indispensable 90s Britpop band.

Think about it, can you think of any other band that was formed in the 2000s that lives up to the Britpop legacy?

2. Bloc Party is a politically conscious band and this attitude permeates its music.

3. Bloc Party writes genuinely affecting love songs that are down to earth.

4. Bloc Party has fantastic musical taste.

“Frontman Kele Okereke told Uncut magazine that: “I think Oasis are the most overrated and pernicious band of all time. They had a totally negative and dangerous impact upon the state of British music.” Good man!

5. Bloc Party is a fabulous guitar-rock band to dance to! The best kind!!

But do I really need to tell YOU, dear faithful PoPster? See you there!

Tickets available at SISTIC.

Jointly brought to you by Untitled Entertainment & Now/Live.

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