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Another year, another Baybeats auditions. Definitely, bands like Cashew Chemists, Pep Talk, ANECHOIS and Obedient Wives Club have benefitted greatly from getting through the auditions and playing at the festival itself last year. The key question will always be – where will these bands be in five years time? After all, if you can cast your mind back to 2007 – the first year of the Baybeats auditions – the selected bands viz Allura, The Fire Fight, Monofone, Deputy Siren, Stentorian, Giants Must Fall, King Kong Jane and Caracal – have mostly disbanded or gone on indefinite hiatus (apart from the last three that is and GMF only re-surfaced very recently).

But of course, that’s the ephemeral nature of pop music itself – Warhol’s famous “15 minute” quote – so who amongst the hopefuls deserve their moment in the sun? Well, I cannot speak for the Esplanade or the judges but I will say at least that these were the bands that I liked (not in order of merit)

Science of Space, sub:shaman, The Good Life Project, Tricks & Cider, Rocketswan, Lost Weekend, Stopgap, Off the Cliff, Dropbeat Heartbeat, Dyeth, Light Up Charcoal, I Left A Monarchy and Mannequins. Based on songwriting and technical abilities and gut impressions, I would really highlight The Good Life Project, sub:shaman, Mannequins and Lost Weekend as four names to look out for in 2013. Now, this is just my humble opinion, for all you know, none of them might even make it through to the next round.

In any case, you can rest assured that I will be keeping a close eye on these bands.

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