Pure retro pop power is what Croydon singer-songwriter Nick Frater is about.

His latest release – Something/Nothing? (an obvious homage to Todd Rundgren’s classic Something/Anything? LP – just look at the cover) – is chock full of the right pop references.

“Right” – meaning the music harks back to the sophisticated pop songwriting of the 60s and the 70s, where melodic craft is highly prized and inventive arrangements are meant to thrill and surprise, rather than conform to contemporary (mis)conceptions of what pop music should sound like.

And when we say references, we mean we can hear the likes of the Beatles, Elvis Costello, XTC, the Korgis, 10cc and Todd Rundgren (naturally) along with a shitload of other awesome true blue pop influences.

Something/Nothing? is unabashedly and unashamedly a retro-pop album in which Frater wears his heart and soul on the (album) sleeve and we are so gobsmacked to discover such pop-affirming music in these unforgiving (un)musical times.

Play it from start to finish, then press repeat. Enjoy!

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