Only one contender for PoP Album of the Year. JPNSGRLS epitomizes the best hope for the continuing history of Rock ‘n’ Roll even as the tsunami of prefabricated¬†pop threatens to wipe our beloved music off the face of the earth. Nothing remotely hipster-ish about Circulation and thank GOD for that! Find out why below!!

The best of the rest – 20 favourites from 2014. In alphabetical order. Listen! Enjoy!!

Amnesiac – Amanda Tee

Antiphobic – DEON

Colours of Joy – lightcraft

Commonwealth – Sloan

EP – Gentle Bones

Everything Will Be Alright In the End – Weezer

LOSE – Cymbals Eat Guitars

MESS – Liars

Morning Phase – Beck

Night Full of Sharp Edges EP – Bittersweet Machines

No Such Thing As Ghosts – Leslie Low

Oscilla – The Observatory

Outside – Xander Smith

Sleeping Operator – The Barr Brothers

Stockholm – Chrissie Hynde

The Ceaseless Sight – Rich Robinson

The New Testament – Christopher Owens

The Violet Hour – MONSTER CAT

Weird Peace – The Disappointed

Welcome the Ironists – Caracal

… still there’s more …¬†

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