It really does seem the year truly began for me when I started managing Cheating Sons in July. I went with the Sons on their China mini-tour and I lived the rock ‘n’ roll dream, albeit vicariously. It has been a great five months so far with the Sons and they are cool people to hang with. Fingers crossed for the days ahead.

Again, that’s what it was all about in 2011. The relationships. Sure, there have been huge disappointments on that front. But that’s life, isn’t it? To be honest, the first half of the year is a bit of a blur although I do remember vividly Age of Sinfonia’s assured performance at the Noise Showcase, especially Savvia’s high five when she walked off the stage and into the audience like a rock star!

What else happened in 2011? Well, two gigs with The Fast Colors were definite highlights (thanks to Pat, Chris, Wah Yong and Boon Gee!). As was the Noise-Timbre Singer-Songwriter Programme. Memorable nights all (thank you, Danny Loong!). I was a proud ex-mentor the night Cove Red opened for Villagers in January. Watching Rachael (Teo) singing literally sent chills down my spine. Sigh.

I am extremely thankful for having spent time with Lydia (Low), now firmly ensconced in Texas. Lydia did everything asked of her during our time together – resulting in cool performances and a strong EP that she can be rightly proud of. Not sure how things will turn out in 2012, but hopefully we can do more together and soon.

There were sporadic solo gigs which I enjoyed overall. I was really pleased with Debra’s performance at the Concourse, with me on the piano, especially. Need to get that single out, Deb! I am resolved to get more solo gigs, with emphasis on piano stuff. Any help would be appreciated if you’re reading this.

On the non-music front, it was great to hook up with Ric the last few months, with exciting times ahead in 2012, I truly hope. I can safely say that with 20 years behind us, he really is one of best friends – through thick and thin. Thanks, man! During these challenging times, it’s all about the relationships believe me. Who can you rely on?

In that context, I am deep into the latest Noise MMP and well pleased with my Noise mentees Ming See and Maricelle and whilst it is very early days, I like what I see and hopefully, the potential will be witnessed by all when the girls make their mark during the Noise Showcase in March 2012.

So I want to thank all the kind people who have enriched my life in 2011 – I hope you know who you are. So here’s to a promising and fulfilling 2012, everyone. See you around soon…